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The company define Corporate Social Responsibility as follows:

a) Conducting Business in a socially responsible and ethical manner

b) Protecting the environment and the protection and safety of people and consumers

c) Supporting Human Rights

d) Engaging, learning from, respecting and supporting the communities and cultures with which we work

The company will ensure that all matters of Corporate Social Responsibility are supported in our operations and administrative matters and are consistent with the company Stakeholders best interests. The company are committed to being recognised as an organisation considerate of Corporate Social Responsibility and recognises that in doing so, we will add significant value to our shareholders.

This policy applies to activities undertaken by or on behalf of the company.

All employees will adopt the corporate Social Responsibility considerations described in this policy into their day to day work activities. The company management team will act as role models by incorporating those considerations into decision making in all business activities. The company management team will ensue appropriate organisational structures are in place to effectively identify, monitor and manage corporate Social Responsibility issues and performance relevant to our business.

This policy is built on the following areas that reflect existing and emerging standards of corporate Social Responsibility:

Business Ethics and Transparency.

The company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices in order to maintain excellence in its daily operations, and to promote confidence in our governance systems.

The company will promote its business in an open, honest and ethical manner.

The company recognises the importance of protecting all of our human, financial, physical, informational, social, environmental and reputational assets.

Environmental, Health and Safety policies are in place and communicated to all staff via staff handbook and subsequent memos.

Stakeholder relations

The company will engage stakeholders clearly, honestly and respectfully.

The company are committed to timely and meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, and employees, indigenous peoples, governments, regulators and landowners, among others.

Employee Relations

The company will ensure employees are treated fairly and with dignity and consideration for their goals and aspirations and that diversity in the workplace is embraced.

The company will apply fair labour practices, while respecting the national and local laws of the United Kingdom.

The company is committed to providing Equal Opportunities (as per policy) in all aspects of employment and will not engage in or tolerate workplace conduct, including discrimination, intimidation or harassment.

Human Rights

The company recognise that governments have the primary responsibility to promote and protect human rights. The company will work with governments and agencies to support and respect human rights within our sphere of influence.

The company will not tolerate human rights abuses, and will not engage or be complicit in any activity that solicits or encourages Human Rights abuse.

The company will always strive to build trust, deliver mutual advantage and demonstrate respect for cultures, customs and values of individuals and groups.

Community Investment

The company will integrate community Investment considerations onto decision-making and business practices, and will insist in local capacity building to develop mutually beneficial relationships with communities.

January 2009
Prepared in association with:
RD Consultants
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The company as a specialist company having recognised responsibility for environmental matters, place high priority on environmental affairs with regard to company operations and the range of services offered to customers. The company operates a policy of effecting continual improvement and change in accordance with developing knowledge and changing environmental requirements and will comply with the directives from the Environmental Agency.

The company's staffs are aware of the environmental sensitivity of the business sector in which the company operates, and seek to continually develop the company environmental compliance. Due to the need for continual improvement, it can never be possible to detail fully the company environmental activities, but the following specific objectives form the basis of the company policy.

All Company operations must be carried out with due regard to all appropriate and relevant legislation and regulatory considerations.

The company will continue to make available resources to ensure that suppliers and customers are made fully aware of their environmental, legislative responsibilities and related activities.

The company will take whatever measures may be necessary to ensure that the collection, transportation, storage, recycling, reclamation and disposal of waste do not become hazardous to public health or the environment.

Controlled waste (IE general and specific waste) must not be stockpiled or treated (including bonfires) at company sites or premises without the appropriate waste management license from the environmental Agency (Waste Management Regulations Section 33).

The company recognises that the Control of Pollution Act; Duty of Care Regulations gives them the responsibility for all of their waste until its final disposal site. This requires the prevention of uncontrolled releases of materials.

Any special (i.e. hazardous) waste must be disposed of according to the Special Waste Regulations 1996 and the consignment note procedure followed.

Considerate Contractors guidelines will be followed on site as applicable in order to minimise disturbance to local environment.

The company will only use disposal facilities where the level of operational control and environmental compliance is deemed to be of a suitable level, and represents responsible Waste Management. This therefore means that not all appropriate licensed disposal facilities will satisfy standards required by the company.

The company will ensure that all transportation and the disposal of waste is covered by the appropriate documentation to ensure that the duty of care (section 34) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 is fully complied with, regarding controlled waste transfer notes and waste description. The company will ensure that every effort is made to police the compliance of third parties within the legislation.

The company co-operates with, and assists to the best of its ability, officers of the waste regulatory authorities in the exercise of their duties. The company has a policy of compliance with the codes of practice and guidelines published by the national association of waste disposal contractors in the promotion of high environmental standards for the waste industry.

The company requires its staff to advise senior management of any concerns they may have regarding poor practice by a waste disposal contractor, whether a NAWDC member or a non-member, or about any acts by a NAWDC member which might be detrimental to the environment.

The company constantly updates it's knowledge and ability to satisfy the increasing need to obtain positive benefits from volumes of materials which comes under the company's control, which means that the issue of recycling, waste minimisation, waste to energy and the most environmentally appropriate disposal options are fully assessed and reviewed.

The Environmental policy of company name is one of continual review, and is subject therefore to frequent review and development. Its ever-widening customer base and public judge the company's continued environmental responsibility in general, while being driven enthusiastically by senior management.

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